Advantages of working with an agency

Every day the agency is faced with various trivial and not-so-trivial tasks on many and varied projects. As a result, agencies are gaining experience in ongoing SMM campaigns and dubai satta king. At the same time, it does not matter whether there were projects in your industry or not, the principles and tools for SMM are globally the same. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from stuffing cones, it is better to transfer the work to professionals.

Do you know how to evaluate the effectiveness of your community? What is the minimum daily attendance rate of the total number of participants? How many likes and shares is considered a good indicator? How many people will click on the promotional post and how many of them will join the community?

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And the agency knows, because if it works for the long term, all statistical indicators are carefully recorded.

On the market, in general, there is a shortage of smm specialists, since this specialty is quite young for Russia and you can learn either through practical experience (but where can you get it?), or at a small number of smm trainings. Those who have experience in SMM, as a rule, already work for themselves or in agencies for a very decent reward. If you are lucky and you have found the right employee, then be careful – if you are not a guru in SMM, then it will be very difficult for you to evaluate his work. After all, as they say: the problem with the SMM manager is that it is not clear whether he is now working or having fun.

A good smm specialist, like a good marketer, should be “Both a Swiss, a reaper, and a gambler on the pipe.” He must have the skills to develop an smm strategy, copywriting, psychology, design, general marketing and managerial skills, know the tools for working in social media.

The agency has a whole staff of professionals and the work between specialists is divided according to their abilities, as they say, boots should be sewn by a shoemaker, and pies should be baked by a baker.

The agency is always in trend – its representatives attend industry conferences, study market news, and hang out in a circle of their own kind. Therefore, they are always aware of changes, novelties and apply this knowledge to achieve results for ongoing campaigns.

The agency takes over not only the development of an SMM strategy, the conduct of an advertising campaign, but also such routine work as the daily posting of content in communities and their monitoring every few hours. Moreover, if you have modest tasks in SMM, then the question may arise – what to do with your SMM specialist for the rest of the time. If you are thinking of transferring SMM to an employee doing other work as an additional burden, remember that he does not have sufficient qualifications.

And finally, about the costs: one-time costs, such as creating a branded community, developing a strategy, setting up an advertising campaign, are comparable to organizing a workplace for a new employee. The monthly costs that you give to the agency for its work are less than the average salary of an SMM manager.

Now let’s look at the cons of working with an agency, they are also the pros of your SMM specialist.