How to hide (disable) comments on Instagram

You know that you can hide comments on Instagram, and this is much easier than some of you think. Now we will consider such a question as how to hide (disable) comments on Instagram, and learn how to do it practically on the device.

Usually they turn off comments on posts on instagram in popular accounts, where there are already a sufficient number of subscribers. At the initial stage, users usually do not hide comments. See about the possibilities of Instagram in its use.

If you want to disable comments on Instagram, the user can always use this function.

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First, consider whether you should turn off the comment feature on your profile.

See what limits work in the Instagram system now.

How to disable comments on Instagram?
In order to hide or disable comments on instagram, you need to do the following:

Go to your instagram account.
Click in the upper right corner on the three horizontal lines.
Click on the “Settings” function
We select the section “Confidentiality”.
The very first on the page that opens will be the “Comments” function.
Let’s go to the “Allow comments from” tab.
By entering this tab, you will see the following functions for configuring comments:

Your subscribers and those to whom
People you follow
Your subscribers

In the event that you decide to disable comments from all users on Instagram, enable the “People you follow” function, and then unsubscribe from all of them. Now they will not be able to leave a comment on your posts.

You can block a comment from an individual person on Instagram. To do this, in the comments section, select the “Block comments from” function.

Now, in the search, you start to write the nickname of the person whose comments you decided to block.

How to disable (enable) comment filters on Instagram?

In the “Comments” section, there is a filter section.

What are Instagram comment filters?
There are now only two comment filters on Instagram, these are:

“Hide offensive comments” is an automatic filter, the settings of which are set in the social network itself.
A “manual filter” is a comment filter based on the settings you specify in it. These are words that you find offensive or that you do not want to see on your profile.
By turning on the manual filter, you enter words or phrases into it that cannot be published in the comments to your publications.

It should be borne in mind that when this filter is applied, the system will hide old comments as well.

After turning on the manual filter on Instagram, another filtering subsection will appear on your device.

It is called “Filter words that are most often complained about.” In this section, you can only register words. Phrases will not work in it.

The question is often asked: Is it possible to hide comments on Instagram on a computer?

No, you will not be able to disable comments from a computer, this function does not work there.

Will the person I disconnected from commenting on this recognize?

No, the social network instagram does not notify users of this kind of disconnection.

As you noticed, a dark theme is included on my instagram, the connection of which is written in this article.

An example of disabling comments was carried out on an android where a Samsung phone was used. For this reason, the name of the functions in the comment settings may be slightly different on your device, but in general, everything is almost the same. And based on this article, you can hide (disable) comments on Instagram on any mobile device.

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