How to recognize social media addiction?

Here are some of the main signs by which you can distinguish a person who is addicted to social networks:

1. A constant desire to go to a social network to check for new messages. Even if a person knows that no one should write anything to him. In advanced cases, a person tries to be online all the time – both day and night, so as not to miss anything interesting.

2. A person begins to spend more and more time on social networks. He can promise himself that he will be there for a few minutes, and does not even notice that several hours have passed. A person constantly needs to look at the updates of his friends in order to find out who changed their status and who has an avatar, to read the posts on the walls of other people.

3. A person tries to realize himself with the help of his page on a social network. He endlessly changes statuses, uploads new photos, trying to share everything that happens in his life. Some people start taking pictures on purpose, just to change their avatar or just post photos on their page. A person constantly monitors who visited his page.

4. Communication with friends is gradually moving to a virtual level. A person cannot even remember when he last met with friends in person and talked, and did not correspond.

5. A person is attracted by all kinds of applications in social networks. There is a constant desire to play some game and move to a new level, to come out on top.

All these signs indicate that a person has become voluntarily addicted to social networks. However, everything is not so scary, and if you wish, you can get rid of this addiction.

How to free yourself from the shackles of the social network?

Here are some guidelines that can help you deal with this problem:

1. Try to limit the time you spend on the social network. To do this, you can use the alarm clock. When it rings, leave the social network immediately. And in order to have fewer reasons to once again climb onto your page, turn off email notifications about new events on the social network.

2. Try to meet more often live with friends. It is better to call them on the phone than write messages on a social network. Go on a visit and invite friends to your place, visit cozy cafes and your favorite places where you can relax and be together. After all, no virtual communication can replace real, it cannot give the joy that a personal meeting with loved ones gives.

3. Try to spend more time outdoors, walk more, play sports. All of this is a great distraction from the Internet, moreover, it will have a positive effect on your well-being.

4. Instead of wasting time on social media, try doing something useful. Better to read a book, pursue your career and professional growth, or spend time with your family.

Do not forget that real life is much brighter, more interesting and richer than virtual.
Of course, you should not completely abandon social networks, but it is better to limit the time spent there to a minimum. Social networks can be useful, for example, through them you can look for work, housing, or find out the phone number of your friend. However, do not visit social networks without a specific purpose, hoping to find something interesting – this is just a waste of your precious time.