How to update Instagram on Android

The very application of this social network can be installed on your phone, tablet or even computer. And some of the people on all these devices at once.

There is a certain category of (lazy) users who do not like or do not want to update their applications, but in vain. After all, the released update on android, in our case, helps to eliminate all the bugs and shortcomings of the previous version, and to make the Instagram network better than the previous version. And how to use Instagram on your phone, see here.

Know! All updates on Instagram on Android are free!

Updating on Instagram on Android will not only better protect your account from hacking, but will also reduce battery consumption, and what is important for many Instagrammers, new functions are often added to this social network during the update.

Let’s see how to update Instagram on Android to the latest version, or find out if you need an update on this application at the moment.

How to update instagram on android phone?
In order to update Instagram on your phone, you will need to do the following:

Go to the phone that runs on android in the Play Store. You should already have a Google account connected to your phone. If not, be sure to connect it to your phone, otherwise you will not be able to download applications from the Play Store.
Now, in the Play Store search, write or dictate the word “Instagram” by voice. By the way, you can write both in Russian and English, the result will be the same. I give the command with my voice.

If your application appears with the “Open” button, as in the picture above, then you do not need to update your instagram, you have the latest version.
If you have an “Update” button, as in the picture below, then press it and your instagram will start updating on your phone from android to the latest version.

During the update, if you wish, you can click on the “Cancel” button.

Keep in mind that you need to update Instagram on Android from your phone only through the Play Store, but in no case from any other sources. This will save your instagram account from hacking and infection!