Telegram audience

On January 12, 2021, information appeared that the Telegram audience and dubai satta king had exceeded 500 million active users, according to Google Play. For the Russian segment, there are figures from the presentation of the Telegram Open Network (TON) darknet platform project for 2018, when it was proposed to introduce its own cryptocurrency, Gram, inside the application. By the way, plans to introduce their own crypto-currency perfectly show the unusualness of the Cart.

In 2018, the total audience of the application was 200 million people, in Russia there were 3.4 million active users. It would be logical to assume that if the number of users of the Russian segment grew in proportion to the overall increase in application users, then today there should be 7-9 million active users. Moreover, as of March 2021, Telegram is No. 1 on Google Play among free messaging programs.

In 2018, the main audience of the site (60%) in the Russian segment were men from big cities with above-average income. Note that the CIS countries are not far behind Russia: here the application is also in constant demand.